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Is the Left Hoping Gustav Replays Katrina?

As tropical storm Gustav makes it way toward the Gulf of Mexico, one has to wonder whether climate alarmists and people on the Left aren’t privately hoping this storm turns into a Katrina-like disaster just in time for Republicans to start their convention in Minneapolis.

Sure, this might sound way too cynical — until you read Mike Allen’s Playbook published at the Denver Post Wednesday:

Politico’s Jonathan Martin, showing off his meteorological chops, found a smart Republican musing about the looming presence of Gustav in the gulf: “Hurricane Gustav tracking models are taking it into the western gulf, with some tracks bearing down on Louisiana. What could be more challenging message-wise going into the Republican convention next week than New Orleans being prepared for a Category 2 or worse storm?” The three-year anniversary of Katrina making landfall is Aug. 29. That’s this Friday.

What better to distract Americans from next week’s Republican National Convention than a natural disaster in the Gulf?

Of course, taking eyes off the RNC wouldn’t be the only reason some folks might be hoping Gustav turns into something big. After all, despite scientifically faulty claims that global warming is causing more and stronger hurricanes, the last two seasons have been duds when it comes to tropical storms.
If 2008 ends up being the third year in a row of sub-average hurricane activity while CO2 levels increase, it’s going to be tougher and tougher for climate alarmists to make this connection.
What a difference Gustav would make.


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