Planet Gore

Live Earth: Solving “the problem”

In a weekend of Live Earth silliness, hypocrisy, and ignorance, it’s hard to beat Czech supermodel and SI cover-girl Petra Nemcova linking the devastating, earthquake-induced 2004 tsunami to global warming. . . but I’ll try. My favorite quote is this breathtaking observation by the event’s executive producer himself, Kevin Wall. Said Wall in Thursday’s USA Today:

“We spent 150 years creating a problem, and one concert won’t solve it. This is a launch. It’s about the simple things we all can do and about the people saying to the government, ‘No more excuses.’”

By “150 years,” Wall presumably means the Industrial Revolution. A “problem” that enabled the producer to fly on jets between seven continents (coordinating events on a lap top and PDA) to produce live images (bounced off satellites deposited in the earth’s orbit by rockets) to be delivered to millions of homes (connected to sprawling power grids fed by huge power plants).

If one quote can define how out of touch Gore & Co. is with reality, that is it.


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