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More on the Disconnect

Julie Walsh has more on the disconnect between expressed public concern over global warming and what they are willing to do about it.  In particular, she asks an important question:

…our Congress is considering a bill that would cost each American around $1,375 per year by 2030 and cause a gas price increase of 53 cents per gallon, according to the EPA (page 4), to supposedly alleviate global warming.
If Congress believes that only $600 per taxpayer of “stimulus” can keep us out of a recession, wouldn’t a $1,375 cost per individual send us into one?

Meanwhile, the New York Times editorializes about our “Pain at the Pump” and yet seems to suggest that the solution for this impending recession caused by increased energy prices is to increase energy prices further, on a “that’ll larn ‘em” basis.
By the way, higher gasoline taxes in the UK are causing the demise of local gas stations.


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