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More Inconvenient Huffin’ and a-Puffin’

Remember that bit about HuffPo letting slip some heresy, only to be cowed into disgrace and forced to turn its own pages over to a savaging of itself before wiping the offending entry off its portal page — despite all the traffic it generated, not to mention and the 13 pages of readers comments as of this count? (And none of that well it was a day-old business: that’s clearly not the policy, as there’s a piece from as far back as January 5 still up there. They disappeared poor Mr. Ambler, proving that ideological purity trumps the supposed business model of drawing readership.)


As noted previously, they sicced a PR guy to keen about allowing a non-scientist to opine on global warming. And today we see the entire mess — and that, er, logic in particular — entering the next Circle of Self-Parody. Per Arianna’s apologia pro absurdum:

We have featured also countless posts from the leading lights of the Green movement, including Robert Redford, Laurie David, Carl Pope, Van Jones, David Roberts, and many others — and I myself have written extensively about the global warming crisis, and have been highly critical of those who refuse to acknowledge the overwhelming scientific evidence. (ME: Actually, I’m sure they just seemed countless).

Chuckle. I mean . . . ahem. And what do those people do for a living exactly?


More amusing, the New Deniers are in full throttle crowing over another episode of shouting down dissent, in ritual form: “Now we can all get on with our lives . . . until the next skeptic fruitcake resurrects the same zombie lies on some other unsuspecting site. Then we start all over again. It never gets old!” [Why is it that most things these guys write sound like it’s echoing up from the playground or lifted from a note passed in study hall?]


No, I suppose it doesn’t get old. But it sure has an expiration date, and I’ve already bet that a year from now, they’ll be in even more desperate straights (of course, I also asked for something to support the claim of overwhelming majority of scientists, etc, to no avail). Even better, however, is that the original author, Harold Ambler, indicates an e-mail chain between him and the Huffster herself. Here’s to hoping that surfaces. Maybe Greenpeace can swipe someone’s trash to get it?


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