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More on Newsweek Cover Story

Marlo and Henry have commented well on the Newsweek cover story, and especially the lead item referring to the crazy story out a few months ago involving me and AEI in supposedly trying to “bribe” scientists to undermine the IPCC.  This story had been peddled by Greenpeace to American journalists for months (including the NY Times and major TV network news, who all passed on it when they saw from the full facts how ridiculous it was), which is why Greenpeace ultimately had to peddle the story through British tabloids.  Ken Green and I wrote our side of the story for that Other Conservative Magazine, if anyone wants the full details.  By the way, the frothiest version of the “bribe” story appeared in The (London) Independent; the story was fully retracted–not corrected–but retracted, a week later.
Last summer Newsweek interviewed me at length for a big green cover story by Jerry Adler, and that story quoted me fairly and in an accurate context.  For the story out this week I had two long phone interviews with Sam Stein (not the main bylined writer, Sharon Begley), and this old story of me and AEI trying to “buy” scientists never came up.  Stein struck me as fair minded and serious in our conversations, which made me expect that whatever the slant of the story, I would be treated fairly again as I was last year.  Whatever he may have passed along from me, if anything, ended up on the cutting room floor in the final story.  Still, I have made plain to Stein my unhappiness that Newsweek would perpetuate this silly story.


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