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More Theatrics for GM

GM CEO Rick Wagoner used some “creative” measures to arrive in D.C. in his electric powered car:

Everyone seems to be paying attention to what the CEOs of America’s automakers are driving this morning. General Motors noticed this, and sensed an opportunity. GM CEO Rick Wagoner will reportedly arrive at Congressional hearings today in a 2010 Chevy Volt.

Or rather, in the closest thing he could find.

Autoblog explains, “As it seems every press outlet will be covering the roadtrip adventures of the three Detroit leaders as they travel via wheeled transportation to the capitol to beg for billions (remember, no corporate jets this time), Wagoner has wisely dumped the ho-hum hybrid Chevrolet Malibu in favor of a Chevy Volt mule in a Chevy Cruze body during at least the last few highly-visible miles of his journey”  Wagoner will still make most of the journey in a 2009 Chevy Malibu Hybrid . . . but not all of it. “To take full advantage of the public display, GM will also bring a show version of the highly-anticipated 2011 Chevy Volt to the capitol and put it on display when Wagoner arrives at the Russell Senate Building around 9:30 AM.”

According to Detroit Free Press, the Volt used for this portion of the trip will be “a prototype Volt wearing the sheet metal of the upcoming Chevrolet Cruze.” 

I have never heard of this car, the Cruze, so I Googled it. This blurb exemplifies every thing that is wrong with GM:

Although there is widespread speculation that the Cruze will eventually replace the Cobalt, it still remains possible that both cars could coexist within GM’s lineup. In fact, Chevrolet’s North American head, Ed Peper, says the Cruze is actually intended to create a new segment that slots above the Cobalt but below the Malibu. Seeing the car in person confirms the Cruze could fill that hole in Chevy’s lineup as it is actually bigger than it looks in pictures.

There is no “hole” in the Chevy lineup. And the idea that the CEO arrived in D.C. in an electric car too expensive to actually sell hidden in the shell of car that is looking for a market that probably doesn’t exist speaks volumes.


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