Planet Gore

Nay on RNCT, eh?

A letter-writer complains to the Vancouver Province about Canada’s proposed “revenue-neutral” carbon tax — using Iain Murray’s rationale, noting that certain economic sectors (and therefore, certain regions) will pay disproportionately.

I am truly amazed that the media and the public have not woken up to the fact that the carbon tax proposed by the Campbell government, far from being “revenue neutral,” will impose a massive new tax on the citizens of British Columbia.

The bulk of the carbon tax will be collected from the resource, manufacturing and transportation industries — all of which pass it on to consumers (read taxpayers) through higher prices for goods and services.

In the end, it will again be the consumers, read taxpayers, who pay the cost of the proposed carbon taxes. The claim that this will be “revenue neutral” to taxpayers is deceitful.


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