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Newt in the House, Yo

Newt Gingrich’s testimony before Energy and Commerce is available here. Not included there, of course, is a priceless floor exchange between the former Speaker and Rep. Henry Waxman (D., Beverly Hills).
It may be news to the Renewable Energy Now crowd, but America has had a little experience with market-driven technological advance — and it didn’t come at the point of a regulatory gun, using the “tax and destroy” method preferred by President Obama and Congressional Dems.
“We didn’t build the trans-continental railroad by punishing stage coaches,” Gingrich sagely observed.
“Well I am glad you’re not in charge of foreign policy,” replied Waxman (as if today’s Democratic caucus is well known for its use of sticks over carrots in foreign-policy negotiations).
Replied the former Speaker: “I don’t think of the American people in the same terms as foreign dictators.”
Newt ZINGrich!


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