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The Next Polar-Bear Crisis

How to keep them from mating with Grizzly Bears:

ULUKHAKTOK, N.W.T. — An odd-looking bear shot a few weeks ago by an Inuit hunter in the High Arctic is a rare grizzly-polar bear cross, scientists have confirmed.

Moreover, the animal — with the creamy white fur of a polar bear, but with the big head, long claws and ring of brown hair around its hind common to the grizzly — may be the first recorded second-generation “grolar bear” found in the wild, said the N.W.T. Environment and Natural Resources Department in a news release.

“A wildlife genetics laboratory has since conducted DNA testing on the samples, and the results of the testing point to the animal being a second generation hybrid bear which resulted from the mating of a polar/grizzly bear female with a male grizzly bear,” said the release.

Hunter David Kuptana shot the bear on April 8 while it roamed the sea ice just west of Ulukhaktok, on Victoria Island.

I don’t know. I think the Grolar Bear looks kinda cool. Maybe they should encourage more of them?