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Not Everyone Is Cut Out to Be a Leader

James Taranto’s take yesterday on the groupthink editorial Greg noted, with an amusing detail about the Guardian’s version.

A ‘Profound Emergency’ Not Worth Writing a Sentence About

“Today 56 newspapers in 45 countries take the unprecedented step of speaking with one voice through a common editorial,” announces that editorial, produced by London’s Guardian. “We do so because humanity faces a profound emergency. Unless we combine to take decisive action, climate change will ravage our planet” blah blah blah, etc.

To put it another way, this is such a dire emergency that the editorial boards of 55 newspapers (including, in this country, the Miami Herald) cannot be troubled to write a word about it. It’s the equivalent of just filling space with wire copy — and in fact, that would work just as well, since the Associated Press has its own global-warmist editorial.

The Guardian even solicits “reader leaders” (to go with the extraterritorial editorial–ha ha, what wits), although if you scroll down on the page, you will see that a good many of the submissions have been “removed by a moderator.” That is what scientists call peer review.