Planet Gore

Noticing the Gigantic Ball of Burning Gas at the Center of the Solar System, One Journalist at a Time

Lou Dobbs on global warming:

From illegal immigration and trade to voter fraud, CNN’s Lou Dobbs is never shy about expressing his opinions. That rule held true when Dobbs brought up global warming on Jan. 5.


The outspoken host of “Lou Dobbs Tonight” observed that global warming activists treat their belief in global warming like a religion following a segment about the issue by CNN correspondent Ines Ferre.


“The one issue here, and as we have examined and reported on the issue of global warming, uh, it is so clear that on both sides, but particularly the pro-global warming, if there’s such a thing, uh, if I can put it that way, uh, there,  they bring this thing to a personal belief system,” Dobbs said. “It’s almost a religion without any question.”


Dobbs noted how “miniscule” man’s impact on the climate is compared to other factors, specifically sunspot activity.


“And what we are watching now — we’re in the second year of the solar sunspot activity cycle — an 11-year cycle and many scientists are saying, ‘My gosh, compared to what our sun can do — man has miniscule influence,’” Dobbs said.


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