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Obama on the Big-Three Bailout

The President-Elect remains noncommittal. [And you thought presidents couldn’t vote “present,” didn’t you?!] 
From Henry Payne’s home base, the Detroit News:

Gov. Jennifer Granholm met privately with President-Elect Barack Obama today about the auto industry crisis, saying afterward “I urged him to be supportive,” and adding that Obama expressed personal interest in seeing the details of the auto companies’ recovery plans.

She said Obama made no specific promises about the auto-bailout package, but added that he has been generally supportive of the domestic auto industry and she expects that to continue.

The governor made her comments during a conference call with the media while riding a train between Philadelphia and Washington, D.C. She and the nation’s other governors met with Obama and Vice President-Elect Joe Biden in Philadelphia to talk about “how best to frame” the federal stimulus package, she said.

Is there a politician that isn’t “generally supportive of the domestic auto industry?”


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