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Obama Cares About U.S. Jobs?

Obama’s expressed concern about protectionist language in Waxman-Markey rather cleverly obscures what should be the outrage of the House rushing through an enormous tax and various other imposed costs. He prompted a number of folks on our side of the debate to run around shrieking “A-ha! Even Obama says it’s flawed” — which effectively changes the subject.
As I always warn — having watched Joe Lieberman sucker the GOP into annointing him the conscience of the Senate after condemning Clinton’s Lewinsky behavior, sensing he would then use his exalted bipartisan status to say from on high “but it’s not an impeachable offense” — resist the urge to use an “even (they) say” argument.
He’s changning the subject and a bunch of folks will now cite the trade provision as the main problem when it should be all tax all the time.


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