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Obama in Elkhart

One of the reasons Elkhart, Indiana, has a high unemployment rate is because it’s the RV capital of America.  And here’s Michael Barone knocking Obama’s hypocrisy out of the park:

Barack Obama is speaking today in Elkhart, Indiana, which had very high unemployment (15.3 percent) in December, a record. But why does Elkhart have such exceptionally high unemployment? The answer is that it is, as a promotional website tells us, “The RV Capital of the World.” RV sales are down this year, and I don’t suppose they’ll be helped by the cap-and-trade system that Obama and most Democrats want to impose on our economy. Yes, Elkhart County trended hugely to Obama. George W. Bush carried it 70 percent to 29 percent in 2004, and Obama lost it by only 55 percent to 44 percent in 2008. Obama made those gains because of what people in Elkhart County thought George Bush failed to deliver. Now Obama must deliver himself.


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