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ObamaCo’s Big Expansion

If it’s every private CEO’s goal to grow market share to the benefit of his company, it’s Democratic Party CEO President Barack Obama’s goal to grow the power of government for the benefit of his “firm.”

Last week, with the help of two major court decisions, Obama went a long way towards putting his name in the history books.

Advocates of individual liberty shuddered at Chief Justice John Roberts’s precedent expanding federal taxation to even economic non-activity (not buying health insurance). “This case is now precedent for the powers of the federal government to regulate all spheres of human activity,” said Robert Muise, an attorney with the Thomas More Law Center, which brought suit against Obamacare.

But even before the Supreme’s decision on Thursday, the D.C. Court of Appeals on Tuesday had given Obama’s EPA unprecedented, extra-legislative powers over the U.S economy in upholding the agency’s authority to regulate carbon dioxide, the fundamental emission of industrial society (and human beings, for that matter) blamed for creating the mythological global warming beast.

“The Supreme Court (will) tend to ratify the actions of the Legislative and Executive branches, rather than act as a constraint on the power of the federal government,” wrote Murray Rothbard 40 years ago, predicting accurately that the courts would become a handmaiden to government expansion, rather than a safeguard of individual liberty.

Where legal scholars worry over the slippery slope implications of the Obamacare ruling (can Congress now regulate diet? Or the number of children in a family?), the EPA is already rushing headlong down the slope of remaking American industry.

As affirmed by the D.C. appeals court (in turn affirming a 2007 Supreme’s case — Kennedy was the conservative siding with the liberal block in that one), EPA  has the power to set automobile CO2 emissions. As a result, the EPA’s 55 mpg-by-2025 edict is designed to eliminate the gas engine by the next decade.

But where will the electricity come from for the new, mandated generation of electric automobiles? The same EPA has also used its CO2 power to dictate that no new coal plants will be built in the United States — even as coal is our largest source of electricity, not to mention the economic foundation of some states.   

Need loopholes in that mpg law? Come to Obama & Co. Need relief in your utility mix? Come to Obama & Co. Need health coverage for a particular illness? Come to Obama & Co. From manufacturing to health, the Party of Government has the keys thanks to its CEO — and his court allies.