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Obama’s Biggest Embarrassment

So far . . .
Conrad Black holding forth over on the homepage:

The most embarrassing question incited by this administration’s first 15 months will surely be what possessed it to plump for an insane cap-and-trade measure that would not have reduced carbon emissions or increased federal-government revenues, and to mount the indelible spectacle of Mr. Obama plying the rounds in Copenhagen between the charlatans and eco-geeks dressed as seals and bunnies and so forth, seeking pledges to a $100 billion annual transfer to the most egregious regimes of the Third World, as Danegeld for the advanced economies’ contribution to carbon emissions.
History is replete with strange, swiftly passing political preoccupations, such as Nelson Rockefeller’s bomb shelters and Jerry Brown’s Medflies. But President Obama should be aware that he will be spending the rest of his time in office trying to amass credits that will cause historians to overlook his signing on to the inconvenient untruth of Al Gore’s self-enriching magic carpet of eco-bunk. The Himalayan glaciers are not melting; world water levels are not rising; nor is the world’s temperature; and there is no evidence, none, that human-generated carbon emissions have any impact on the world’s temperature at all, whatever other problems they create.
The clock struck midnight; Al Gore turned back into a (rich) pumpkin; the Prince of Wales can go back to talking to his tomatoes; and the whole gigantic fraud has been borne away by a swarm of killer bees that was supposed to have done us all in decades ago, leaving the president of the U.S. panhandling the kooks of Copenhagen for a slush fund for Mugabe and Chávez. The last time so prominent an American championed such a mad enterprise was Douglas MacArthur’s advocacy of nuclear side arms for American forces in Korea (the subject of television commentator Chris Matthews’s university thesis); if not Eleanor Roosevelt’s proposal to her husband to drop swarms of hornets and wasps over German troop emplacements. And they weren’t the president.

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