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Obama’s Dreams of My Beamer

As Charles Krauthammer argues on the homepage today, Hillary Clinton eventually found — albeit too late — Barack Obama’s weakness. He’s an out-of-touch elitist, more at home with the radical academic Left than with the average American. His comments on the U.S. auto industry that Henry Payne highlighted on Planet Gore yesterday certainly support that judgment, as does the barrage of viewer mail we’ve gotten on the subject — too numerous to print.

He sounds like someone who thought that he was supposed to be driving a better car — he wanted to be in the BMW. He DESERVED a better car.

A pithy reader comments:

How typical of a liberal eitist — policy by personal anecdote.

Another offers a counter-anecdote:

For what it’s worth, my father, mother, and brother successively drove a Monarch — the Mercury version of the Granada — for over 300,000 miles. Do you think Obama exaggerates a little? Ours was a 1975 model, I believe, and my mom drove it (solo) from California to Colorado in 1989, so she had faith in a 15-year-old US-built “piece of junk.”

Doubtless, your mother also had reasons to be proud of her country.


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