Planet Gore

Obama’s Green Faith

“I don’t believe climate change is an issue just to bring up during campaigns,” said candidate Barack Obama during the 2007 campaign. “I believe it is one of the greatest moral challenges of our generation.”

Remember that famous sermon from the Green pulpit? Remember the media fury that followed on the Sunday talk shows and elsewhere as reporters demanded to know why the upstart candidate would impose his morality on America? No, of course you don’t. There was no media fury; there was only a double standard. As Green disciples, most of the reporters in the mainstream media agree wholeheartedly with Obama’s crusade to “save the planet.”

Obama’s Green messiah complex is a perfect example of the “phony theology” that Rick Santorum was referring to last week — an accusation the press twisted into Santorum questioning Obama’s Christianity. Are these folks stupid? No. But they are victims of a lack of diversity. In the monotheistic MSM newsrooms of today, the culture is intolerant of Green critics (not to mention devout Catholics). “Deniers,” they are called.

If Santorum’s alleged Big Government ideology intrudes on the bedroom, Obama’s religion invades every other room in the house: moral cars for the garage, moral light bulbs in the living room, moral energy feeding the fuse box. The president has followed through on his 2007 pledge to impose his anti-carbon morals on America by spending billions in tax dollars on holy solar panels, divine windmills, and pure batteries.

But he has been especially keen on converting the heathens here in Detroit. His 2007 Des Moines speech drips with moral contempt for Detroit automakers. The “moral challenge,” he preached, “is why I came up with a plan to raise fuel standards.”

And “when I called for a significant increase…in efficiency standards, I didn’t do it in…California,” he continued. “I went to Detroit (derisive laughter from the audience) to propose it in front of the Detroit automakers (applause).”

Yes, those sinners in Detroit.

Did this moral preening gain a Santorum-like headline in the Detroit Free Press: “Obama risks alienating voters with his focus on faith?” Nope. There was no mention of it at all. And not a peep from any other major paper for that matter. They were saving their buckshot for that crazy Republican missionary.


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