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Obama’s Statement on the Oil-Rig Disaster

The entire statement is here at, but this excerpt caught my eye:

Earlier today, DHS Secretary Napolitano announced that this incident is of national significance and the Department of Interior has announced that they will be sending SWAT teams to the Gulf to inspect all platforms and rigs.  And I have ordered the Secretaries of Interior and Homeland Security as well as Administrator Lisa Jackson of the Environmental Protection Agency to visit the site on Friday to ensure that BP and the entire U.S. government is doing everything possible, not just to respond to this incident, but also to determine its cause.  And I’ve been in contact with all the governors of the states that may be affected by this accident.

There’s some confusion on what he means by SWAT teams, however. I asked CBS’s Mark Knoller and here was his response:

@gpollowitz He meant rapid response teams to contain the oil spill impact & damage.