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The Obamedia Lobby

In their desperate bid to win over swing states Michigan and Ohio in Tuesday’s election, the Obama and Romney campaigns are plastering the TV screens with false ads about the auto bailout.

“When the auto industry faced collapse, Mitt Romney turned his back,” claims Obama’s ad over a misleading graphic quoting Romney in 2008 writing: “Let Detroit go bankrupt.” While technically true (Romney advocated a Chapter 11 bankruptcy backed by government financing), the ad implies that Romney wanted the industry to die. That is false, as the record clearly shows – and as Romney has stated in numerous interviews.

Hardball, xenophobic, truth-stretching. Your typical late campaign mud-slinging. So what’s the difference between these two regrettable ads? Their media coverage.

The MSM is no less desperate to see an Obama win. In a cartoonishly partisan play, major media have ignored Obama’s falsehoods while pummeling Romney’s fibs on their front pages. Indeed, the MSM has repeatedly ignored Obama’s caricature of Romney’s auto bailout position – even when the GOP challenger called the president out in the third debate.

“Trumped -up issue: Will Wild Auto Claims Help or Hurt Romney?” screamed a Detroit Free Press headline on Friday before the election. This just two days after another front page headline: “GM and Chrysler: Romney Is Wrong.” There were no similar stories from the paper about Obama’s own fibs. In fact, the Free Press ignored the dramatic confrontation between Romney and Obama in the third debate in which Obama wrongly said: “Gov. Romney. . . you were very clear that you would not provide government assistance to the U.S. auto companies, even if they went through bankruptcy. ” Obama’s current Michigan-Ohio ads continue that falsehood.

The New York Times also turned front page fire on Romney’s Jeep hooey – attacking the challenger’s veracity but letting Obama’s malarkey stand.

The Chrysler double-standard is part of a pattern of MSM referees refusing to blow the whistle on numerous, crucial Midwest stories harmful to Obama (not to mention ignoring national scandals like the Benghazi cover-up). The Freep, Times and other major media have also ignored:

– 20,000 Delphi workers whose pensions were gutted by the auto bailout even as UAW pensions were made whole (Paul Ryan has talked about the issue from the stump to little press coverage).

– Pension losses by Indiana teacher and police pensions that were vested in Chrysler but illegally shorted by the president’s White House task force.

– Thousands of miners laid off in eastern Ohio as a result of Obama EPA carbon regulations.

And so on.

As the two presidential heavyweights battle into the 15th round, the MSM referee has put gloves on in the Obama corner. That’s not journalism. That’s lobbying.


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