Planet Gore

This One Goes to 11

In an earlier post, I mocked the line-up of lame 80s bands that are headlining the upcoming Live Earth concerts.


Little did I know that Al Gore was just playing rope-a-dope with me.


SPINAL TAP has announced that they are reuniting to perform at Live Earth. I almost choked on someone else’s vomit when I heard the news. They have reportedly written a new song, Warmer than Hell, for the event. Those in the know assume that it will be pretty much the same song as Hell Hole (which of course is in turn pretty much the same song as their earlier classic, Sex Farm).


Rob Reiner, who directed and acted in the 1984 mockumentary “This is Spinal Tap” that introduced the world to the band, is apparently playing the same dork that he did in the movie. He has this to say about the upcoming Spinal Tap appearance at the Live Earth concerts: “What I think is going to be nice about this whole effort is there will be marching orders for people. Not only from a personal standpoint of what individuals can do in their lives, but a macro perspective with respect to the public sector and government.” Yes, marching orders is exactly what I’m looking for from Nigel Tufnel and David St. Hubbins.

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