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Our New Insect Overlords

Yes, I’m channeling Kent Brockman with that title, though soon one may consider aggravated buggery.

EPA has sent employees an e-mail detailing the Obama EPA transition team being dispatched to make the regs run on time, which I excerpt below for your consideration. I omitted just under half of them, usual suspects all from among the leftish environmental-policy types, to focus on certain others whose counterparts on our side — boldly offered in brackets – would cause the greens to respond with their trademark grace and measure. Imagine:

The Agency Review Team is the president-elect’s “advance team” charged with gathering information about EPA so that the incoming political leadership can be immediately effective. Team members will seek information related to EPA’s organizational structure, staffing, programs, and policy issues. The Agency Review Team for EPA includes 14 members. . . .

Robert (Bob) Sussman

Mr. Sussman is a Senior Fellow at the Center for American Progress in Washington, D.C., and a former Deputy Administrator of EPA.

[Imagine the howls of protest if the ART instead featured someone from an organization funded not by George Soros, but by anyone named “Scaife.”]

Kenneth Berlin

Mr. Berlin heads the Environmental and Climate Change practices at the law offices of Skadden, Arps, Slate, Meagher & Flom in Washington, D.C.

[Insert, say, Democrat Scott Segal, an extremely talented lawyer with Bracewell & Giuliani — but who happens to represent instead utilities and other targeted industry-types that subject us to the horrors of affordable, reliable energy.]

John K. Darin

Mr. Darin is the Director of the Illinois Chapter of the Sierra Club.

[Insert Phil Kerpen of Americans for Prosperity, or any head of AFP’s state chapters?] 

Michelle DePass

Ms. DePass is a program officer for the Ford Foundation’s Community and Resource Development Unit in New York City.

[Insert instead someone from the Bradley Foundation.]

J. Charles Fox

Mr. Fox is a Senior Officer with the Pew Environment Group in Washington, D.C., and previously served as EPA’s Assistant Administrator for Water.

[Insert instead someone from the Institute for Energy Research.]

Lisa E. Heinzerling

Ms. Heinzerling is a Professor of Law at the Georgetown University Law Center.

[Insert instead someone from or affiliated with the Federalist Society.]

Janice (Jan) V. Mazurek

Ms. Mazurek is a senior scholar at the Progressive Policy Institute in Washington, D.C.

[Insert instead someone from AEI — say, Steve Hayward or Joel Schwartz.]

Amelia S. Salzman

Ms. Salzman provides strategic advice to a variety of environmental organizations and foundations.

[Insert instead . . . me. Oh, right, I don’t have the qualification of having bundled $50,000 for Barack Obama’s presidential campaign.]

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