Planet Gore

The Palin Effect?

I see that Team Soros’ various “[fill-in-the-blank] Progress” scribblers are losing it over what appears to be Minnesota governor Tim Pawlenty’s backtrack from his cap-and-trade advocacy and the global-warming alarmism that seemed to drive it.


For the moment, I’m happy to focus on what this represents, without dwelling on the illogic of the specifics, which are that Man’s total impact is maybe “half a percent” or more, so a few countries nibbling around the margins of their marginal contribution to humanity’s marginal contributioncan reasonably and voluntarily reduce the human impact without wrecking the economy or without violating, you know, Republican and conservative principles.” Not sure where to start with that intimation, lacking any support that I’m aware of, that the demanded 80-percent reductions aren’t necessary under GHG-warming theory to detectably impact the climate. Such are the perils of political straddling.


What we know is that, after the VP vetting process, during the course of which some commenters noted how Pawlenty’s been a bit of an aggressive moonbat on the issue, and after which the “denier” Sarah Palin receives the kind of national welcome of which every politician dreams — and without sucking up to Gang Green — Gov. Pawlenty found it worthwhile to revisit his position on the matter. Now that’s progress.


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