Planet Gore

Palin Keeps It Real

U.S. News & World Report interviews vice-presidential candidate Gov. Sarah Palin:

On polar bears: “We do all that we can to protect our polar bears. And, thankfully, because of the Marine Mammals Protection Act, those provisions in there that we have been so strictly adhering to, our polar bear population has increased. It is healthy,” she says. “Now putting it on a threatened species list, to us, we believe, is premature because of the population that is healthy. But here again, so often it’s politicians on the East Coast, they do not understand Alaska and our love for our wildlife and our environment.” . . .

On ANWR: “I hope people understand, in a 20,000-square-mile area, this is 2,000 acres. It is a plot of land the size of LAX that we would want to drill to explore. The pictures you see where they do their ANWR stories, mountains and rivers flowing and moose, those aren’t even ANWR,” Palin says. “You take a football field, you put a postage stamp in the middle of the football field: That’s ANWR.”





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