Planet Gore

Philadelphia Eagles Build “Bird Friendly” Wind Turbines

CBS Sports reports the following:

The Philadelphia Eagles are going even greener.

The team said Thursday it will add wind turbines, solar panels and a co-generation plant at Lincoln Financial Field over the next year and the combination of energy sources will make the stadium self-sufficient and let the Eagles sell some of its power back to the electric grid.

Eagles owner Jeffrey Lurie called the plan a “vital step towards energy independence.”

“Owning an NFL team, I think you have an opportunity to lead the way,” he told reporters at the stadium. “It’s a public building seen across the country and, sometimes, the world.”[…]

Lurie told the Associated Press that the wind-turbine design is “aesthetically gorgeous,” bird-friendly and iconic.

When even the football teams are falling for the green frenzy, there just might be a problem. Granted, this seems like it may be more a business decision to cut costs than anything else, but if the Eagles want to cut their emissions, I can think of better ways — I mean, have you seen the food they serve at football games? If those aren’t responsible for emissions, nothing is.

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