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Apropos of Noel Sheppard’s piece below, two Planet Gore readers say Senator McCain has lost their vote:

It looks like Senator McCain is going to be his own worst enemy. He’s feisty and stubborn and those attributes are showing (and not in a good way) in his refusal to compromise with conservatives on issues like global warming and illegal immigration. The more I hear from McCain, the less likely I am to vote for him. I initially intended to vote for him because he’s the Republican candidate, but with a Democratic-controlled Congress and McCain’s inclination to “reach across the aisle,” what will I get for my vote?
A week ago I considered myself a strong McCain supporter and was considering volunteering for his campaign. Today I’m considering whether it might be better to vote for Bob Barr, and the difference is entirely McCain’s Oregon speech. Environmental issues are normally pretty low priority for me, but McCain’s proposal would be economically disastrous. He’s basically proposing turning most of the economy over to a gang of international bureaucrats. That means a dramatic drop in freedom and living standards here, and outright starvation for millions in poorer nations. It is a catastrophic and immoral solution to a speculative problem. I doubt that it will ever get enacted because China and India would never agree to cut their emissions, and I suspect the Senate will balk if ever asked to actually put such a plan into law. But still, it is such a bad proposal it really makes me question his judgment, and even his moral compass.

I highly doubt that I will be able to vote McCain. The most likely scenario will be to vote all the other races, and just abstain on the presidential race. McCain’s global alarmist agenda has lushed me over the edge. 


Add another to the McCain-lost-me pile. I was willing to grit my teeth and vote for him, but he’s shown no inclination to listen to conservative voices, and the Oregon speech was the final straw. I’m voting Libertarian come November.
While I don’t relish the thought of a Democrat in the White house and larger Democratic majorities in Congress, I take heart from the Carter backlash that gave us Reagan.


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