Planet Gore

Of Potential Importance

I know this is old news and all, but when I saw a James Hansen quote in this Heartland Institute piece about a climate-change debate in Vermont, I just burst out laughing:

[Alabama State Climatologist John] Christy also testified the impact of the Vermont law on global climate “would be below our ability to measure or detect.” Even if the entire country and all nations in the world adopted the Vermont restrictions, Christy noted, only one or two hundredths of a degree of warming would be mitigated.
Vermont’s law, even if implemented worldwide, “will have no discernible impact on climate,” Christy testified.
During cross-examination, Hansen admitted Christy’s statement was correct. “But even a small change is potentially important,” Hansen argued.

On that note, I was outside with the kids the other day, it was hot, and I thought it would be really great if there was a breeze blowing. So I exhaled several times — you know, just to get air flow started.
It was potentially important.


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