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Iain Murray’s new book isn’t out for another week — not until Earth Day (which by a total coincidence is celebrated on Vladimir Ilyich’s birthday). Nevertheless, the fever swampers are already trying to post book reviews. This is typical stuff from the open-minded, tolerant Left. Before my book on global warming was out, the same gaggle had turned its Amazon page into a branch of the Daily Kos, ranting – in “reviews” of a yet-to-be-released book — about Iraq, BusHitler, etc., etc.


One gent is complaining that Amazon has yet to post his “liberal skewering” of Iain’s book — you know, the one he hasn’t read yet.

Although the review by “Apply Liberally” has not been released, I’m going to post here my review of it: his syntax is sloppy, his grammar reprehensible, and I’d bet his blog accepts advertising money from Al Gore’s Alliance for Climate Protection.


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