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Public opinion poll: Warming not a priority

Carbon-tax, shmarbon-tax. The issue here is whether global warming is a problem worth addressing. As sane greenie Bjorn Lomborg and his Nobel economists make abundantly clear, whether you agree with the science or not – the solutions to GW are not worth the cost. 


Now along comes a new poll that finds the public concurs.


According to a National Center for Policy Research national poll released today: “Forty-eight percent of Americans are unwilling to spend even a penny more in gasoline taxes to help reduce U.S. greenhouse gas emissions.”


In fact, the poll found just 18 percent are willing to pay even 50 cents per gallon of gas to reduce greenhouse emissions — and that amount would make not a dent in CO2 emissions, anyway. 


Says the Center’s David Ridenour: “With one-fifth of all U.S. CO2 emissions coming from light trucks and cars, any serious effort to significantly reduce U.S. emissions would have to encourage fuel conservation in personal automobiles. But almost half of all Americans oppose spending more for gasoline, despite polls indicating wide public concern over global warming. These results suggest Americans’ concern may not be as deep as we’ve been led to believe.”


Indeed — which is precisely why Gore is proposing a backdoor carbon tax on business. If the economic costs of his dictatorial agenda were ever revealed to consumers, they’d vote his entire party out of office.


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