Planet Gore

A Question for London’s Boris Johnson

James Delingpole: You saw through the EU, Boris. When are you going to see through AGW?

An excerpt:

Just one small question, Bozza: if you’re capable of being so clear-eyed and honest on the flaws of the European Union, how come you’re so willing to swallow the big lie of “Anthropogenic Global Warming”?

The two phenomena, after all, have a great deal in common. Both the EU and AGW are concepts in which the political and technocratic classes delight, but which leave most electorates cold; both involve the squandering of eye-watering sums of tax payers’ money to no obvious purpose; both are an absolute gift for rent-seekers, bureaucrats and criminals; both are based on a whopping great lie.

In the EU’s case the great lie is: your sovereignty will not be affected because this is not a political union only an economic one.

In AGW’s case it’s the now thoroughly discredited hypothesis that the relatively small amounts of CO2 released as a result of human activity are capable of radically altering the climate in a dangerous way.

In order for each lie to work, there has to be a great deal of “economy with the actualite” from our political classes. The kind of bravura display of bulls*it, cant, spin and horsetrading we have just had the misfortune to witness in Cancun, in fact.

The entire post here.

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