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Re: That Confounding Consensus

Well, Reuters, it also seems that the overwhelming majority who brave a winter storm in mid-fall to vote for the UK’s Climate Bill yesterday did so implicitly acknowledging, at worst, that the science is settled . . . until it isn’t. To wit (emphases added):


1 The target for 2050

(1) It is the duty of the Secretary of State to ensure that the net UK carbon account

for the year 2050 is at least 60% lower than the 1990 baseline.

(2) “The 1990 baseline” means the amount of net UK emissions of targeted

greenhouse gases for the year 1990.

2 Amendment of 2050 target or baseline year

(1) The Secretary of State may by order —

(a) amend the percentage specified in section 1(1);

(b) amend section 1 to provide for a different year to be the baseline year.

(2) The power in subsection (1)(a) may only be exercised –

(a) if it appears to the Secretary of State that there have been significant

developments in —

(i) scientific knowledge about climate change, or

(ii) European or international law or policy,

that make it appropriate to do so.


Why, what in Heaven’s name could they be hedging against? Here’s a guess of a future significant development in the scientific knowledge about climate change: resultant economic hemorrhaging while the sky continues not to fall.


Maybe there’s hope for change, after all . . .


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