Planet Gore

Re: “The Denial Machine”

After scanning the silly piece that is Newsweek “the world’s scientists are now agreed about catastrophic man-made global cooling” Magazine’s latest offering to the Gods of Childish Alarmism – knowing, as I did, that Senate EPW Republican spokesman Marc Morano had provided the lead author facts destroying her thesis, such as the fact that the alarmists’ failure comes despite a massive funding advantage – I was convinced that Sharon Begley must be Ed’s wife (who it turns out is the unfortunately if, for this specific context almost humorously named Rachelle Carson), another celebrity-spouse-turned-green-nutter.
Nope. Turns out she actually is a writer. Who didn’t let inconvenient truths get in the way of her desired story-line. Also one who telegraphed this piece some time ago, in an essay revealing today’s tantrum as just so much projection.


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