Planet Gore

Re: Losing Credence

We kicked off the day yesterday noting Orlando Sentinel columnist Mike Thomas’s emergent skepticism on climate catastrophism.
Today, we start off with the consequent ad hominem.

My column questioning the zeal of global-warming advocates noted that they innoculate themselves against dissent by attacking the dissenters as dimwitted deniers. True to form, many of those attacking the column accused me of everything from being a Bush stooge to pandering for web clicks to pandering for a job. It’s impossible, it seems, for anyone to even suggest we keep an open mind on this theory without being a fool or having evil intent.
They are, in effect, proving one of the main points I was trying to make.
Climate change has gone from being a science to being two competing political movements. This does not bode well for getting at the truth behind our impact on global warming.

No word yet on whether folks are going through his garbage.


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