Planet Gore

re: Media Misses

A reader disagrees:

I think you misrepresented the MSNBC article. It specifically notes that there has been a history of relatively wet and relatively dry years (i.e. droughts). It also notes that climate change, if it plays out as predicted, will be A factor, not THE factor causing a worsening of the water shortage situation. Lastly, I fail to see your point that “[m]unicipalities have water plans that use water that never existed.” The water did exist, if only for the years measured. And, even if it doesn’t exist, that doesn’t mean that there isn’t an additional decrease happening. It also seems to fly in the face of the typical NR viewpoint that the market solves all problems and that unlimited growth is possible. Well, now we have too many people based on “water that never existed.” What do you think we should do now? Grow our way out of it?

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