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Re: targets Dingell

My favorite parts of this ad:


Father: A Dingellsaurus.  Someone who’s been in Congress so long, he forgets about the people who sent him there.    

You’d almost think that the people that sent him there live in Michigan, tend to work in and around the auto industry, and have a weird desire to keep their jobs.  When in fact we know that it is liberal bloggers who live everywhere from New York to Seattle who elected him.  You know, the same people who had such a good understanding of the local political dynamics in Connecticut that they tried to unseat a sitting Democratic Senator and instead drove him from the party.


Billy: Are there any around today?
Father: Our own Congressman John Dingell. He’s standing in the way of the first energy bill ever that would really combat global warming.  It would also help the auto companies in the long run and that means more jobs.  

What these guys are saying is not just that auto industry management is incompetent, but that it is so stupid it doesn’t even understand that forcing auto manufacturers to make and sell higher mileage cars that consumers would rather not purchase is actually good for it.  You see, they’re so dumb they have no idea of the world that is coming.  Luckily we have the far-sighted economic visionaries at to direct us.  If only we could have pundits, politicians and think tank experts make all of the decisions for American business, we’d actually have a successful economy.

Jim Manzi is CEO of Applied Predictive Technologies (APT), an applied artificial intelligence software company.


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