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RE: Oil Debate

A reader replies to Robert Zubrin’s complaint that Robert Bryce is ducking him: 

Oh, c’mon, you have to get in line like everyone else to debate with Robert Bryce. Bryce told me yesterday in a reply e-mail to mine complimenting his book that he was in Boston today debating two biofuel advocates. If you go to Bryce’s website, you will see the whole host of radio programs linked in which he has been tirelessly debating opponents of his point of view. Now if you want to complain he won’t debate YOU, well that’s fine, but maybe you ought to stand in line a while first.
It is not sporting, however, to accuse Bryce of refusing to debate the points in his book.
P.S. I have your book, I bought it and have started to read it. Reading it, however, will not guarantee that I agree with what it says.


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