Planet Gore

The Reagan Diaries

I spent part of Father’s Day perusing the gift from my lovely wife and child, defacing the text with highlighting and attaching Post-it notes to useful or simply fascinating observations. I am only through November 1981, but already there are countless amusing and touching entries. For these purposes, note the following thoughts, recorded in the early days after the modern environmentalist movement had completed its transition (break) from the old conservationists to assume a position as part of the pan-Leftist industry (those playing at home, note the Good Friday [April 17] comments on National Council of Churches, p.13):

“Tuesday June 23 …Lunched with Jacque [sic] Cousteau who is a true ecologist who, like me, is disgusted with the eco. freaks…”
“Friday September 4 …Met with Jim Watt. He is taking a lot of abuse from environmental extremists but he is absolutely right. People are part of ecology too, and they can’t [sic] forage for food and live in caves…”

Greens will no doubt work themselves into a “yeah, right” sulkfest over Reagan’s October 4 entry, “I hope God realizes how much I feel that I am in a temple when I am out in his beautiful forest & countryside as we were this morning.” To which I merely say “read the whole thing,” as I look forward to doing.


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