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Renewables Are Free!

President Obama and the supporters of his energy tax routinely speak as if solar panels and wind turbines can simply be willed into existence. Tom Nelson does the follow-up questioning the New York Times refuses to do.

Considering this is allegedly a “climate” bill, why doesn’t Obama talk about the climate in this lengthy interview?

Transcript – Interview With President Obama on Climate Bill – Question –

The following is a transcript, provided by the White House, of an interview with President Obama, Energy Secretary Steven Chu and Carol M. Browner, the White House coordinator of energy and climate policy, conducted by a group of reporters on Sunday:

…every time we make a wind turbine you’re looking at 400 tons of steel, you have the potential for jobs not only in design but also in manufacturing of wind turbines.

Does Obama really want to emphasize how much energy-intensive steel it takes to build a wind turbine?

Steel recycling saves an average of 4,300 kilowatt hours per ton or 47% of the energy required to process steel from raw materials.

By the way, why doesn’t Obama also talk about the enormous amount of energy-intensive cement required by wind turbines?

New 5-7 MW and larger wind turbines are over 120 meters tall and use hundreds of tons of cement each.

Cement Manufacturing

Cement manufacturing is energy intensive, requiring between three and six million BTU’s per ton of product produced.


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