Planet Gore

Rick Perry Doesn’t Like Fiction

From his Parade Magazine interview:

In 1988, you supported Al Gore’s presidential campaign. Why? 

In that group, he was by far the most conservative Democrat. But between Ronald Reagan and seeing what the Democrat Party was becoming, I came to the conclusion in 1989 that I needed to become a Republican.

Have you seen the film An Inconvenient Truth?

No, ma’am.

Have you read the book?

No. I generally don’t watch or read a lot of fiction.

Many believe global warming caused the wildfires in your state. What do you think?

Historically in Texas, we’ve always had substantial periods of drought. World temperatures have also been changing for millennia. I truly believe the science is not settled on the issue of man-made global warming.

I find it interesting that you went to college to be a veterinarian.

And organic chemistry made a pilot out of me. [laughs] After 16 hours of organic chemistry, they pointed out to me that I probably didn’t want to be a veterinarian.

So would it be fair to say that you and science don’t get along so well?

No. After I graduated college, I had a year of the most technical aerodynamics and physics that you need to be an air force pilot. They weren’t cream-puff studies. I have a pretty good handle on science from that perspective.

So, will anyone ever ask about President Obama’s science grades? (And no, I don’t mean his social-science grades.)