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It’s a while since I’ve done one of these, but here are some global warming-related stories you may have missed.

Finally, he’s not terribly popular on NRO for some silly remarks about America a while back, but Jeremy Clarkson’s review of some eco-vehicles for the Times in London is a must-read:

The driver, a chap we shall call Swampy Bin Laden, was very proud of his car; so proud that he launched immediately into a not very scientific lecture about the benefits and origins of the fuel he was using. “It’s from a bio-plant,” he beamed.
To hammer the point home, he’d placed some stickers in the back window that said: “This vehicle runs on foreign oil.” Only the word “foreign” had been crossed out and replaced with the word “vegetable”.
I asked him if he would mind using British oil, expecting that this might have him stumped. “Yessir, I would,” he replied. “But,” I said, “you don’t mind leaving all the world’s normal oil in the ground and running your car on what could be an African’s lunch?” Bzzz went his head. Then he twitched a bit. For a while he looked a bit like a sci-fi robot that had been given conflicting orders.

Oh, and for those of you with the time to plough through hundreds of pages of scientific language, the full IPCC report from Working Group I is now out. Enjoy.

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