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The Rove Reaction

This HuffPo item about Laurie David and Sheryl Crow getting a rise out of Karl Rove at the WHCD just seems fishy to me. Now, I can understand getting irritated with them. I saw these two on Bill Maher a few weeks ago, and they were completely unable to respond to even the most softball critical questions with anything resembling a convincing answer. Maher, for example, asked them if nuclear power might be useful since technologies like wind and solar are clearly not going to provide anything close to the amount of energy the U.S. requires, and they immediately nixed it. When pressed about what, then, might actually work, all they could do was insist on considering “all the options,” whatever that means.
But the item seems odd to me because Rove isn’t the kind of guy to react so venomously to two folks who he knows aren’t really important players in the policy world and also knows are sure to write about the encounter. If it were Dick Cheney I might believe it, but Rove doesn’t usually lash out like they describe. He’s not a temperamental guy, at least not in public appearances at relatively light-hearted events like the WHCD. Were they pestering him in a way that caused him to react like this? Are they just exaggerating his reaction? Maybe Rove was just having a rough night (stress much, Mr. Rove?), but this just doesn’t smell right to me.
Update: Byron York gets a report from an eyewitness that doesn’t quite jibe with the the version told by Crow and David.

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