Planet Gore

Running in the Family

Steve Milloy comments on the following AP bit on Prince Charles’s recent visit to Japan:

George III’s heir: Prince Charles says climate crisis trumps economy — Britain’s Prince Charles said Tuesday the current financial crisis should not distract from the larger issue of global warming.
“The credit crunch is rightly a preoccupation of vast significance and importance. But we take our eye off the climate crunch at our peril,” he said in a speech at a science museum in Tokyo.
The heir to the British throne is visiting the world’s second-largest economy for the first time since 1970, and his arrival coincides with plunging global markets and recession fears. But he has made saving the environment the theme of his trip, and spoke Tuesday after viewing exhibits related to global warming at Japan’s National Museum of Emerging Science and Innovation.
He called on advanced nations to cut carbon emissions by 70 to 80 percent by the year 2050, saying “nothing less than a full-scale transformation to a low-carbon society is needed.”

Yes, there have been eight intervening monarchs and yet you can still pick George III (Farmer George)’s influence. Of course, Americans are more likely to know George III as “Mad King George”, likely making Charlie eminently more recognizable.


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