Planet Gore

From Russia, With Gavrilov

Reuters reported yesterday that Russia has no plans to embrace carbon-emissions limits in Kyoyo’s second round. Not that it’s particularly surprising news, but the piece included some revealing quotes from Russian carbon czar Vsevolod Gavrilov:

As a top energy producer and consumer, Russia welcomed the fact that Kyoto had not limited its carbon emissions and expected the same of any future climate deal, said Vsevolod Gavrilov, the official in charge of Russia’s Kyoto obligations.
“Energy must not be a barrier to our comfort. Our emerging middle class . . . demands lots of energy and it is our job to ensure comfortable supply,” he said.
“We don’t plan to limit the use of fuel for our industries. We don’t think this would be right,” he said, referring to the current round of Kyoto. . . .
“We see (Kyoto) as a means, not as an end in itself… It is a way to get new technology for our industries,” said Gavrilov.

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