Planet Gore

Same Time Next Year

Writing this post, I knew this comment sounded awfully familiar in tone and (for lack of a better word) substance:

No reputable journalist – indeed, no rational blogger – would quote Chris Horner in support of an argument on science or climate.

Yep. Same author as this, from last December’s histrionics:

“since when have economists, who are pervasive on [the EPW] list, become scientists, and why should we care what they think about climate science?”

Of course, it’s been apparent for some time that, in classic playground fashion, the way to achieve one’s qualifications is to agree with alarmism — given the cooling trend, let’s call it alarmism: the new denial. But, one can’t help but note the splendor of attaining the same ”who would listen to this guy?” Climate-Progress status as the IPCC’s “chief climate scientist” Rajendra Pachauri (heretofore known as a longtime UN functionary and, ah, economist). Hysteria will do this to one’s logic.


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