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Sarah Palin, Environmental Heathen

Tim Graham over on the Media Blog:

Richard Cizik was pressed to resign as a spokesman and vice president for the National Association of Evangelicals over his remarks in favor of so-called gay marriage.
But deeper in his NPR interview with Terry Gross was the bizarre spectacle of an Obama-voting evangelical suggesting passages opposing homosexuality in the Bible are politically negotiable, while maintaining that oil-drilling is so unquestionably evil that Sarah Palin is, in effect, anti-God:

GROSS: I imagine you didn’t agree with Sarah Palin on environmental issues. For example, her emphasis on drill, baby, drill, and also the fact that she said she wasn’t sure if human behavior contributed to climate change. Now, climate change and the environment are issues you’re trying to put much more toward the top of the evangelical agenda.

CIZIK: Yeah, I couldn’t – you’re right. I couldn’t have disagreed with her more. Just a year ago, we found out from climate scientists that the melt in the Arctic had turned into a rout. It was happening so fast it was as if your hair turned gray overnight. Now, I have a receding hairline, but I don’t have my hair turning gray overnight. Well, that’s what happened with the environment. An area the size of Colorado was disappearing every week, and the Northwest Passage was staying wide open all September for the first time in history. And so, to look at this and not see what’s happening, I think is, well, it was sort of the ignorance is strength idea. Well, not. It’s not strength. Look, strength is knowing what’s happening to the world around us, and moreover, as a Christian, we can’t claim to love the Creator and abuse the world in which we live. To do so is like claiming to be a fan of Shakespeare and then burn his plays.

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