Planet Gore

Save Arctic Ice! Elect Sarah Palin!

The Spoof offers one possible explanation for the icy conditions in the waters above the North Pole. What’s most amusing is that they have more of the facts right than the paddlers at the Polar Defense Project.

Nome, Alaska — Polar bears are rejoicing! No, not because hunting has been banned, but because the Arctic cap is returning to historic levels throughout the top of the World.

It seems ever since Gov. Palin, the hottest Governor on Earth, has been spending more time in the lower 48 states campaigning, it has cooled sufficiently to allow sea water to re-freeze!
Long know to “heat up a room” with her good looks and bright smile, the Governor of Alaska has been accused of causing warming conditions in her state that threatened the Polar bear’s existence. Now, since her absence, the Polar bears are rebuilding ice caves and are again a frequent sight on northern ice shelves.
United States Environmentalists have reversed their traditional Democratic party leanings, and are encouraging citizens to vote for Palin so as to “keep her in Washington!”


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