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Anyone want to bet on a snowstorm hitting D.C. on March 2, 2009?

Make Climate Justice History – Mass civil disobedience March 2nd, 2009 in DC

Dear Friends and Allies-

We’re in the process of organizing a mass non-violent civil disobedience to coincide with Power Shift 2009.   In late  February 2009,  the  Energy Action Coalition will host over 10,000 climate activists focusing generally on making climate change, clean energy, and green jobs a priority for the new administration.   Greenpeace, Rainforest Action Network, the Ruckus Society, Chesapeake Climate Action Network and a host of others are planning a mass non-violent civil disobedience, with a goal of organizing over 1,000 people, to cross the line and sit-in at the Capital Coal Plant.

The Capital Coal Plant is a mixed-burning facility that provides heat/steam/refrigeration to the entire Capitol Complex, including Congress. As part of the Greening The Capitol initiative, the House of Representatives has opted to replace their share of usage of the plant with natural gas and implement broad efficiency measures, the Senate has refused to do so, and continues to use coal. But our goal is not just to clean up this plant alone – it’s to demand a complete transformation in our national energy policies and priorities.

The action will follow a rally for the Powershift Lobby Day on Capitol Hill, and will begin around 1:00pm. To be clear – this action is NOT an official part of Powershift or EAC, but is organized by allies, and is working closely with Powershift/EAC to ensure complimentary outcomes and smooth logistics.

While still being developed – the likely scenario for this activity would be in the direction of peaceful sit-in at the power plant. We aim to create an action framework that is accessible to all – from students, to elderly, to parents, to notable public figures and beyond. We envision a structured event that includes agreed-upon action guidelines, extensive training on non-violence, and a respectful tone that participants would be asked to abide by. We will have a legal team organized to support participants and will have prior discussion with authorities as to our non-violent intentions.


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