Planet Gore

Scandal? What Scandal?

John Holdren dismisses Climaquiddick. From the WSJ:

WASHINGTON — President Barack Obama’s top science adviser urged lawmakers to act to curb emissions of greenhouse gases, despite the uproar over emails in which some prominent climate scientists appeared to advocate squelching the views of researchers skeptical that human activity is driving a dangerous rise in global temperatures.

The adviser, John Holdren, said scientists generally are capable of defensiveness, bias and “misbehavior.” But he said the meaning of some of the statements in the emails isn’t clear, and that the significance of others has been exaggerated.

Human activity is “beyond any reasonable doubt” the primary cause of warming temperatures, Mr. Holdren said.

Mr. Holdren’s comments drew a unanimously supportive response from Democrats and unanimous skepticism from Republicans, some of whom called for a congressional inquiry into the dispute over the integrity of climate science.

Proposed legislation that would impose caps on U.S. emissions of carbon dioxide and other gases linked to climate change is stalled in the Senate, where Democratic leaders have said they don’t plan to act on the measure until next spring. The proposal  would require businesses to buy pollution permits and set up a system to trade those emissions rights.

The bill’s future is uncertain because of strong opposition from Republicans and many Democrats. Mr. Obama has said he will offer to commit the U.S. to cutting overall greenhouse-gas emissions when he stops at the United Nations climate summit  in Copenhagen next week. But Mr. Obama can’t deliver on that promise without congressional approval.