Planet Gore

To See What Green Jobs Can Do, Look to Spain!

We have a much better idea of what Obama was telegraphing by surrounding himself with Greek columns and Spain’s economic and energy policies. There will always be an America. It’s just that it may have relocated to Asia.
Unless we can fight and win this one.
I’ve received some reports about the unfolding rout in Spain — described as David Calzada vs. Goliath Uriarte (the latter the head of Spain’s Greenpeace) — by someone rather close to the issue: “The media has been reporting and quoting (the government’s report admitting the collapse and spectacular costs of Spain’s solar industry) in the last two days and it looks like they are scared. It´s normal. In a country that has already passed 20 percent unemployment, that will soon reach a 12 public deficit, and that has witnessed the financial meltdown in Greece, the current situation of the renewable sector is a big threat. Last year the cost of the renewable aid was HIGHER than the total cost of producing all the electricity for the country!!!”
So, again: President Obama has told us eight times to look closely at the green-energy economy of countries like Spain. Let’s hope our policymakers do just that.