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Seeing Redneck

Planet Gore received this interesting e-mail today:

As a Hollywood veteran (and the screenwriter of Ernest Scared Stupid) I’m very excited about Chris Horner’s idea of remaking that classic film with our former vice president playing the lead. He could have a job selling fluorescent light blubs door to door: “If you don’t change your lightbulbs, New York will be underwater in a hundred years. Knowhatimean?”

The Ernest movies were actually shot in Tennessee, and I suggest we film the remake in the same state. Perhaps we can persuade the winner of the popular vote in 2000 (but not of the election, darn that Constitution!) to let us use his home as a location. It could double as the home of the eco-hypocrite who makes millions out of scaring others into cutting their consumption.
Yeah, I can see real possiblities in this. I’m going to call my agent right now. If I can set up a meeting, you want to come?
Charlie Gale

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